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About us…

We are a virtual airline based in the United Arab Emirates and operate a modern fleet of Airbus A320, A321 and A321neo aircraft flying to over 190 destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. We simulate all of the subsidiaries within the virtual airline group with our operating hubs in the UAE, Egypt, Morocco and Pakistan. We support flying on any online network and are a vAMSYS based virtual airline.

You must own a legal copy of either Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D or X-Plane 11/12 and a legal copy of the aircraft you intend to fly. You will also be required to download other software such as Pegasus flight tracking, FSUIPC and any additional required addons to conduct your flights within vAMSYS.

Why become a member?

Operating a huge network…

Our operations are big. Taking you from Casablanca, London, Cairo, Sharjah, Moscow, Nairobi and Bangkok plus so many more!

Not just another virtual airline…

It’s very easy to chase numbers, but quality is something we take pride in. With that focus we want to be better than just a name.

Operating a fast growing fleet…

Operating 74 aircraft within all our current networks and with more on the way. In the future, our long-range aircraft will take us further.

Multiple subsidiaries in the network…

Based in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Morocco and Pakistan with potential of more to come. Much more than other low cost carriers.

Some of our features

These are some of the features we offer, once members are signed up and have active hours other paths open up within the VA for staff roles and more.


We have a dedicated staff team to help keep our schedules and network operations up to date.


We are a vAMSYS based virtual airline and use Pegasus software for ACARS reporting.


We have relevant documentation available for fleet and operations with more to come.


We have a friendly community and are always actively looking for new members to join us.

Official Partners

vABY is an official partner of VATMENA, Arabian vACC, Maghreb vACC, Pakistan vACC, VATSIM and vAMSYS

Contact us via email ops@abyvirtual.com

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